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Product Date Coding (Inkjet) Printers

Afropak supplies a range of intermittent and rotary continuous inkjet printing machines for installation onto vertical and horizontal packing machines to print best before, manufactured and batch numbers on to wrapping material during the packaging process

Rotary printers

These are most commonly used on flow pack and horizontal sachet packing machines. This system utilises hot ink roll ink transfer system which is very economical.

Hot stamping printers

Put pressure on your products! Hot stamping systems are the most economic and reliable solution for marking your products. Used for intermittent motion packaging machines.

Econo-Print A-DOD35 High Resolution Ink-Jet Printer

a dod35 high resolution ink jet printer afropak co za

Easy Operation / No Solvent / Economical

■  Piezo impulse print-head technology

■  All models are small and easy to install

■  Compact and reliable ink system ensures ink delivery for optimum performance

■  Multi-controller support

■  Multi-language support

■  Available for porous and non-porous ink

Benefits of the machine

With superior resolution and clean method of printing.

No air or dilution required.

No noise, no irritant odor, no pollution to the environment.

The print speed is not influenced when adding lines.

It can print either large or small characters.

Its stable performance, ease of maintenance and user-friendly interface make it very simple to operate.


1.  The integration of mainframe and inking system saves space and is very economical.

2.  Three ways of status display: sensor indicator light, encoder and printing indicator light.

3.  Flash jet function: To avoid blocking of spray head when printer on standby for any length of time.

4.  The printer can be used independently without computer connection.

5. The USB interface can be connected with computer to transfer pictures and logos.

Technical Data

1.   200dpi Print resolution.

2.   High definition printing font.

3.   Pictures & logos not limited by ratio of length to width.

4.  Levels of lines: (4-15 line printer)

5.   Character height: Print height range is 1-18mm

6.   Distance between spray head & object is 5-10mm

7.  Automatic print: Date, Time, Lot No, Shift No, Serial No etc.

8.  Message memory:  Up to 100 messages & 100 pictures.

9.   Message length: Max.200 characters per message.

10.  Serial No: 1-9 Variable sequential numbers.

11.  Printing speed: Max.35 meters/minute.  Speed not influenced by adding lines.

12.  Colours of ink cartridges: Black, white, red

13.  Print direction: Spray head can be rotated 180°to forward, reverse, vertical, downward. Software can be used to adjust from up down or left to right.

14.   Print material: Metal, plastic, wood, aluminum film, carton or building material surface etc.

15.   Applicable products: Mobile phone display screens, drink  lids, food package bags, medicine packaging, steel/plastic doors & windows, aluminum alloy, batteries, plastic tube steel plate, PCB, chip, woven bags, eggs, brakes, housing for mobile phones, cartons, engines, transformers, inner  plates for water meters, gypsum board, explosives etc.

16.   Ink cartridge: Solvent based environmentally friendly ink cartridge, oil based ink cartridge. No air or dilution required.

17.   Interface: USB, encoder, sensor, cables

18.   Printer dimensions: Control system 34.7×22.4×11.5cm

19.    Rated power: AC 220v

20.    Energy consumption: Average lower than 100W

21.   Operating temperature: 15°C-32°C: 40-70% Humidity

22.   Status display: Printing, encoder, sensor indicator light

23.   Holding bracket for mainframe: Adjustable 50-75cm up or down. Can tilt forward or backward slightly.


Technical Features

*Printing ink can be is of international quality and environment-friendly with no pollution and fire-resistant performance.

*Non contact switch control with better synchronism.

*Robust Electric motor is installed as well as reliable cylinder and components.

*The Anodic treatment of high class aluminum alloy is very durable.

*Components and standard elements made of stainless steel material are corrosion resistant.

Scope of Application

*This printer is suitable for the auxiliary code-printing of various intermittent, mode packing machinery, such as granule packing machines, paper handkerchief packing machines, labelers and etc, with wide application in food, medical and daily chemicals industry.

Voltage  220V/50HZ
Power  200W
Printing Speed  20~120pcs/min
Printing area  11×35mm 3 lines of 3mm character print.
Size(L×W×H)  410×200×250mm