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Overwrapping Machines

Overwrapping machines South Africa

We provide and service all types of overwrapping machines and are one of the leading suppliers in the Southern Africa region, with unrivalled experience and expertise.

The machines are commonly used in order to wrap different types of box or square products such as medicines, stationery (paper, pens, staples), protective products, food, boxes of tea and coffee, cosmetics, magnetic tape, VCD, decks of playing cards and cigarettes among others.

These machines are also know as ‘cellophane wrapping machines’. Generally these machines are capable of wrapping between 30 to 150 products per minute on average. The machines use sealable materials such as cellophane and polypropylene material.

Types of overwrapping machine

We have a range of overwrapping machines tailored to suit your unique packaging needs and can wrap many different types of products. Contact us today for a quote and to find out how we can help you.

Overwrapping is also called diamond-fold wrapping, tuck-and-fold, gift-box, cigarette and bundle wrapping. Tear tape is often used for an easy-open feature.

box over wrap

box size

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