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Flowpack Machines

Flowpack machines

We are the leading provider of flowpack machines in South Africa and our expertise is without parallel.

Within the econopak range of machines we offer various horizontal form fill and seal flow pack machines. Starting from our model A-FP 110 followed by A-FP 220, A-FP 350, 450, 700. These models are also available in the roll down version with various in-feed systems for heavy or multiple products requiring long seam on top of pack. Special in feed systems are available for biscuits soap stationery hardware and confectionery.

ATTACHMENT DETAILS a-fl350-s-stainless-flowpack-machine afropak packaging machine

A-FL350-s stainless flowpack machine

Available Options

– Printer system for date, trade-mark, etc.
– Photocell for print registration
– In-feed conveyor lengthening
– Zig-zag knife
– Euroslot die cutting
– Gas flushing

Other alternatives and automatic loading system can be incorporated to meet specific requirements.

Wrapping Material

Heat sealable wrapping material such as polypropylene, co-extruded, laminated, aluminium foil, paper/poly and cold seal materials.

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