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Luggage / Baggage Wrapping Machines For Sale

Luggage / Baggage Wrapping Machines For Sale in Gauteng

We have a range of new luggage or suitcase wrapping machines for sale. They are similar to the one in the video below. Send us an email to enquire. The machines are new and in great condition. 

Our luggage stretch wrapper is designed to securely wrap luggage or parcels making it hard to tamper with the contents of the bag.
The film provides extra support while the luggage is in transit to protect it from being damaged. What is more, the machine is movable and allows for manual operation. It has a rotary turntable device that stretches the film to wrap the bag.

How the luggage wrapping machine works

The operator places the luggage on the platform and adjusts vertical rods to secure the luggage according to the luggage size. Next, he presses the start button on the control panel to begin the wrapping process. The luggage will be then wrapped with 3 – 5 layers of stretch film providing an extra layer of security and durability. Lastly,  film is cut and the wrapped luggage or bag removed from the turntable.

After this, the machine is then ready to take the next piece of luggage.

Where it can be used

It can be used in bus stations or airports, train stations and office security desks. You can set up your own small business and charge passengers to get their bags wrapped. There is great profit potential in this business.

Benefits of the baggage wrapping equipment

-easy to use and operate

-wraps all bag sizes

-bags are wrapped in under 30 seconds

-automatic wrapping turntable

-makes bags safe and secure from tampering


-Shape Dimensions  L1570 X W650 X 1200mm H Maximum Load Size L400-800  X  W180-350  X  H300-600mm

-Power Supply      220V/50HZ/1Phase

-Power       0.5KW

-Weight Capacity   100KG

-Stretch film width      500mm

-Machine Weight    200KG

-Automatic wrapping cycle counter.

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