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Food packaging machines

Food packaging machines

We are well-known for our food packaging machines.There are many food stuffs that we can pack. We have packing machines for flour, salt, beans, grains and bottles as well as peanut butter packaging machines. The machines that do this include vertical packing machines and pillow and piston filling machines. Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a confidential, bespoke quote.

We service what we sell guaranteeing you continued after sales support. The most popular of our machines are those that pack liquids such as our juice packaging machines,water packing machines and ice lolly packaging machines which are in particularly high demand in the hot summer months.

Powder packaging machines

Powders can be a difficult substance to handle but we have much experience with them and are able to install and service machines to pack powders of all types. The powders may be powdered milk, flour and spices among others.

Hygiene and efficiency is of paramount importance when dealing with food stuffs and this is something that we factor in to our service and installation.