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  1. Printing Resolution: 200 DPI
  2. Printing height: Up to 12.7mm height
  3. Printing lines: unlimited within 12,7mm band
  4. Printing speed: up to 35m/min.
  5. Printing text:Prints logos & pictures, Date, Real-Time, Lot No, Shift No, Serial No. etc
  6. Printing Barcodes :can print barcodes, QR codes.
  7. Memory:U disk storage
  8. Ink colors:Black, Red, White,Blue available.
  9. Printing direction :Could print at any angles .
  10. Printing material: porous and non-porous materials.
  11. Applicable products:Beverage, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Plastic Pipes, Steel,Aluminum Alloy, Batteries, Electrics, Chemicals, Tobacco, Timber etc.
  12. Ink Cartridge: Solvent-based or oil-based environmental friendly ink cartridge.
  13. Interface:USB interface
  14. Auto voltage selection:AC 100- 240V
  15. Average Power: Lower 15 Watt
  16. Operation Temperature:0℃-37℃;30% -70% Humidity

• A-MINI-PRINT printer, use ink cartridge that never blocks.
• 3.5 inch touch -screen, stand-alone, do not need connect PC
• Fixed machine on production line with simple bracket.
• Anti-collision designed on printing-head.
• English language.
• Can print at any angles.
• Synchronizer can be adjusted at operation system.
• Modularization design, performance stability.
• Approximately 350,000.00 3mm characters three line prints from one ink cartridge.